Beach sex in the real world is different than what you might think. For example, a few men on vacation to the nude beaches of Brazil may have no desire to engage in what may be called “beach sex“. This is not to say that their practice is inappropriate–on the contrary, these men are probably among the most adventurous and well-educated couples around. Still, there are many more people with a beach-sex lifestyle that would make a very different choice regarding what they do.

What is the Truth about Beach Sex? The Truth about Beach Sex offers an inside look at this very popular area of sexual exploration for men and women alike. Author Susan Ordower writes about how some women use their natural beauty to lure married men into a life of adventure and pleasure. She also shares some excellent tips for making your own special adventure bed. If you’re looking to find a way to open up the doors of intimacy, then this is a must read for you.

The Truth about Beach Sex is informative and entertaining. I enjoyed it and think you will too. If you are interested in finding a new way to explore the sexual side of your relationship, then this is a must read. It’s fun, it’s romantic, it’s a good read, and it could very well give you the insight you are looking for about what makes people truly happy in the bed and in life.

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